Thursday, August 16, 2012


The gap in posts is due mainly to being busy with commercial work. Sometimes I can't always show it here (at least not right away), but I can show concept bits and pieces. 
I work a lot with the licensing company Withit, drawing animal characters for them, that end up being taken on by brands such as C&A and Littlewoods. Above are some examples of concept work that goes into that.

I'm working on something big right now. These images are a part of it, here as a teaser for now. 
More to come hopefully soon.

 'BearShaped' is a new clothing brand I am the lead designer for. These designs represent our first outputs. Things are still in the early stages at the moment.

Poster design for the movie 'Chronicle', chosen from a shortlist by 20th Century Fox to be included in their promotional campaign for the film.

Personal work. Portrait of New York -based actor and friend Andrew Nelson (L), accompanied by co-star Bryan Dechart (R).

Illustration for 'Next Door Magazine'. I produced this and several other pieces for the publication as part of being their featured artist of the month.

Character designs for the licensing brand Withit World. I produce several illustrations and designs for this brand. These particular designs were part of a spin-off series, involving a more three-dimensional, expressive asthetic.

Personal work. 'School Play' illustration. The costumes may not be inspired by any real school plays I know of, but the audience certainly is.

A wedding present for fellow artists Garth and Ginny Jones. And of course Babu.

Final pieces created for 'Next Door Magazine', depicting two very different portraits.

Concept art for animated T.V series 'Kukani'. These were part of a series of character designs and re-designs, originally much more colourful and aimed at a younger audience. These particular images formed an experiment involving two tones to shape atmoshpere and mood.

These cards were part of a pitch for Sutton Council to produce a "Top Trumps"-style game that would teach young children about anger management. The monster-creatures on the boy and girls arms are visual representations of their emotional state. The girls higher 'Anger Control' rating means her creature is more placid and peaceful.

Character and background design for short animation 'Monster Mirror', which can be found in the Animation section of this site. More character designs for the short can be found in the Sketchbook section.